''Domino'' from Heather Carr

Feliway has been a lifesaver in our household. Our 3-1/2 year old female cat started marking the carpet in our formal living room a few months ago.

Unfortunately we didn't catch it until it was too late and we needed to replace the flooring. We opted for a laminate in case the flooring change didn't work.

After rip...ping out the carpet, padding and tack strips, we sealed the sub-floor with several coats of oil based Kilz before having the new floor laid. Despite all those changes, within hours of the new floor install, she marked in her favorite corner. The next day I bought one Feliway plug in and one spray bottle. I plugged it in the outlet nearest her favorite corner, but she only moved to the opposite corner and marked there instead.

So I bought another Feliway plug in for the plug in nearest THAT corner and have been diligent about spraying the surrounding area...and we have gone 11 days without another incident so far!! I'm grateful I found out about it before my husband made good on his threat of getting rid of her!