''Ginge'' the Ginger Tom from Rob Chapman

Introducing new cats to each other and moving home!

“My ginger tom Ginge, has always been a little dominant and aggressive when it came to mixing with other cats. So when my girlfriend and I looked at getting a place together I was obviously concerned about whether her 2 cats would survive their introduction to Ginge.
We tried our best to plan their introduction by making their move into the house gradual – starting in one room and then being gradually allowed to explore more of the house and have the cats spend more time mingling. However there was quite a lot of aggression and Ginge began to spray around the house. Although it is understandable for him to want to mark his territory in this way it wasn’t great for our home and lifestyle.

We started looking for another option and found it straight away. Using a mixture of the Feliway diffusers around the house as well as some use of the sprays on the stairs where all the cats come in and out. Feliway has really helped him to calm and down and all the cats now get on just fine!“

Rob Chapman