''Magic'' from Emma Theron - Berkshire - UK

Magic is a lovely boy but sadly took a little while to settle in after we adopted him and a little female cat called Bubbles late last year. Bubbles found it very easy to get used to her new home but Magic was stressed and often walked around the house during the night making a lot of noise and needing comfort.

They were both very happy to start going outside, but when we tried to take the litter tray away we started having real problems. Magic started spraying, and not just on the walls but furniture too, which was obviously completely unacceptable.

I heard about Feliway from my sister who had similar issues with her male cat and gave it a try. Literally within minutes we noticed the difference, Magic was immediately more affectionate and happy and the spraying completely stopped. We're confident we can attribute this to the Feliway, because we've nearly had a few more incidents when we've failed to notice the diffuser running out, so now we always keep one in reserve so we don't get caught out!

Feliway has really made a difference to our home - and most importantly Magic's health and well-being - and I would happily recommend it to any cat owner!