'Snowball' from Louise Jenkins - Chester - UK

I just wanted to let you know how marvellous I think Feliway is! I've had my 8 year old cat Snowball (named after the cat in The Simpsons!) since she was an 8 week old kitten and I got her from the Cats Protection. She has always been a bad-tempered and angry cat from when she was tiny (work colleagues used to marvel at the depth and severity of the bites and scratches she would inflict on me!).

I put up with it because she is my cat but the situation escalated in 2006 when my daughter was born. She has attacked my daughter unprovoked on 3 occasions, the most recent being in January 2009, when she bit my daughter's forearm so badly it left 4 deep puncture wounds and a week of antibiotics for my 2 and half year old. I had tried everything suggested to me by the vet but biting my toddler was the final straw and so reluctantly I sent her back to the Cats Protection, where she proceeded to bite their staff! Then, on reading the notes I had written for the CP staff, they told me they noticed that something called Feliway was missing from my list of things I'd tried and suggested I try it in a last attempt to change her ways. I'd never heard of it but was happy to give it a try, anything to keep Snowball. I bought the Feliway diffuser, brought Snowball home and plugged it in. I've been using it for a week now and it really is a miracle! I can't believe the change in Snowball! She is calm, affectionate, placid and the aggression has gone. She rubs her face against every visitor to the house and has even let my daughter stroke her. The bad-tempered cat I've been used to has gone and she is now the family pet I wanted her to be. I can't thank you enough for producing Feliway...it has turned an angry cat into a loveable feline at last!