What is Feliway

What is FELIWAY?

The secret to happy cats

Urinating outside the litter box, scratching up the furniture and other undesirable feline behaviours are common signs of stress in cats. Feliway helps comfort and reassure cats. It builds confidence and sends a message that there is no need to hide or leave unwanted marks.

What is Feliway?

Cat Cheek Rub

When a cat feels comfortable in its environment, it rubs its cheeks against walls and furniture leaving behind a message, undetectable to humans, known as a feline facial pheromone.

Feliway helps comfort and reassure cats by mimicking the natural facial pheromone that happy cats use to mark their territory as safe and familiar. It is clinically proven to help reduce stress that leads to unwanted behaviours. 

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are signals that animals of the same species use to communicate messages—such as the comforting and reassuring message in Feliway.

parts of the cat that produce pheromones

DIAGRAM: pheromone producing areas in cats
1. Facial Area  2. Foot Pads  3. Mammary region  4. Perianal area  5. Supracaudal area   6. Urogenital region

How to use Feliway

Feliway is available as a Diffuser, Refill and Spray

FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffusers & Refills

FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser & Refill

FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffusers and Refills offer 24/7 comfort and reassurance for cats.



FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray helps comfort and reassure cats at home and on the go.