How to stop cat spraying?

Why does a cat spray? How can you get rid of cat pee? What can you do to stop cat spraying or urine marking?

You know when your cat has sprayed by the smell of cat pee. This odour is very distinctive.


See video advice from our veterinary advisor on why and how to stop cat urine spraying:

All cats - male or female, neutered or not - will mark out their territory with urine spraying, normally outside the home.

Cat spraying in the home can be a reaction to a stressful situation.

During these situations cats will spray urine to increase their self-assurance, to cope with emotional stress, or as a displacement strategy to soothe itself.

While it is completely normal for cats to spray outdoors, when your cat sprays indoors it is a sign that they are feeling distressed. It has even been known for cats to spray their owners bed or duvet.

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If your cat sprays indoors they also potentially need to visit the vet, as one third of all cats that spray indoors suffer from a medical issue such as cystitis.  Find your nearest vet.

Using the Feliway Spray and Feliway Diffuser is a clinically proven way to curb spraying indoors, something that will help your cat feel relaxed and reduce spotting on your walls and furniture. 

Advice on how to stop your cat spraying?

  • Check with your vet if there is no underlying health reason for this behaviour 
  • Check for any reason/change that may have triggered urine spraying .
  • Clean the sprayed area with water & surgical alcohol & allow to dry (do not use products with strong smells as ammonia-based or bleach cleaners)
  • When dry, spray these areas with Feliway Spray daily to reduce the likelihood of urine spraying
  • Plug in a Feliway  Diffuser in the room the cat frequents the most to help stop urine marking by reinforcing your cat's feeling of security
  • Improvement can be seen within the first week, but continued use for at least one month is recommended.
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Use of a Feliway Diffuser can help and stop a relapse in this behaviour.

For more information on this area go to ICC (International Cat Care) urine spraying cats .

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Cat spraying urine in the home