what is feliway


What is Feliway?

Feliway is a range of easy to use products containing a synthetic copy of natural cat pheromones. Feliway helps create a loving and comfortable home environment for your cat(s).

· UK’s leading behaviour products for cats

· 92% satisfied after using Feliway

· Over 25 clinical papers supporting Feliway

Millions of cat owners around the world have noticed a difference in their cat after using the Feliway range. Whether it is spending more time with the family, helping multiple cats live in harmony or helping to stop unwanted behaviours, the Feliway range can make a real difference in cat loving homes.

Feliway Classic helps cats cope with change in their home and helps stop or prevent unwanted behaviours. It is used and recommended by vets, charities and behaviourists. Find out more about Feliway Classic.

Feliway Friends is clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflicts between cats in multi-cat households. Find out more about Feliway Friends.

Feliway Classic Spray


The spray helps prevent issues like scratching and spraying, and makes travel and visiting the vet less stressful. Simply...

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Feliway Classic Diffuser


The diffuser helps you nurture your relationship with your cat/s, by creating a loving environment for them. The effect...

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Feliway Friends Diffuser

FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffuser is easy to use plug-in containing the cat appeasing pheromone which is proven to help restore...

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