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    Pickles & Lolly

    Thanks to FELIWAY FRIENDS my cats are now best of pals! 

    urinating cat

    Zippy, Padgate and Kitten, 7 yrs old

    In a short time, I moved house, one of my 4 cats died, I had a lot of furniture delivered and presents for Christmas and my partner moved in. Zippy...



    Archie, 6 yrs old

    Since I’ve started using FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY it’s been a very easy product to use, no problem getting it on the post. He’s certainly been very interested...



    Miss Maddison, 12 yrs old

    Miss Maddison has been through a lot in the last 4 years. Moving Home, new baby, loss of her brother and addition of 2 kittens to keep her company....


    Freepon, 4 yrs old

    I had issues with my cat but with Feliway, it's now old story :)

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