Vets recommended Feliway



FELIWAY is used and recommended by companion animal veterinary surgeons the world over.

Many veterinary practices use FELIWAY within their practice to help cats settle into the practice, which makes consults and recovery from surgery much easier for all.

FELIWAY helps cats get back to eating much faster following surgery, which is important for their recovery.

The International Society of Feline Medicine provides a standard for vet practices to achieve to be a Cat Friendly Clinic. The standard includes the use of FELIWAY within the practice.

Vets and Nurses Tell Us How They Use Feliway


The above video shows Pet Clinic in Omaha Nebraska and their experience of using FELIWAY and ADAPTIL in veterinary practice. They recommend cat owners to use Feliway to help get the cat to the veterinary clinic.



after just a few days of using Felaway, he was like a compleatly new cat, his coat was silkier,...

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