Getting a new cat and how to introduce it to other animals and people

How to settle a new cat new CAT

Settling a new cat or new kitten into a home is always an exciting time. You want them to have the best possible start.

Before you get your cat it is best to plan ahead to make your cat's or kitten's new home as comfortable as possible.

Video advice on how to introduce a new cat into the home and some tips and tricks making the experience easy for everyone. 


Some preparation before hand will help with the experience


Firstly make sure one room has all of the resources that a cat needs such as bed, water, food, litter tray, scratch post and of course FELIWAY.


Preferably plug in the FELIWAY Diffuser 24 hours before introducing the new cat or new kitten.


Allowing the cat to adjust to its new surroundings in this room first helps them build their confidence before they start to investigate elsewhere.


It is advised that you leave the FELIWAY Diffuser plugged in and switched on for the first month to help your new cat or new kitten to settle in.

When you think they are ready to explore the rest of the house first consider introduction to any other pets, see how to introduce an new cat to existing cat.

In addition consider making the house as cat friendly as possible to see how go to our Cat friendly Home app.

See our advice on first introductions to other cat/s and their first meeting. Where to buy FELIWAY?



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