How to help your cat be comfortable with visitors

cat does not like visitors visitors UPSET THE CAT

Cats like to be in control of their environment. Visitors cause nuisances for cats by upsetting the normal routine in the home.

Why do cats not like visitors?

Cats can feel unsettled by things such as: 

  • Movement of furniture
  • Certain doors being closed (reducing the cats freedom)
  • More noise
  • Change in routines
  • Different feeding times etc.

The longer the visitors stay the longer this stress remains for the cat. Assess your cat's stress level.



Allow your cat to approach visitors when they’re comfortable to do so


Give your visitors a toy that your cat enjoys playing with so they can interact in a fun way


Let your cat hide away in an area separate from the visitors until it’s ready to emerge,


Teach children to gently play with the cat and not bother the cat while it’s sleeping or eating


Use the FELIWAY Diffuser in the areas your cat spends most of their time during your visitors' stay so your cat feels more relaxed.

Interestingly the non-cat person tends to make herself (or himself) as invisible as possible so the cat does not jump on them.

The cat finds this latter display of body language far less threatening so may well move towards the ‘non-cat’ person to explore further!

See how to make a Cat friendly home to help your cat have suitable hiding places.



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