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I love living here Things that used to bother me
Whenever I see my roommate...
Whenever I see my roommate...

Feliway helped my cat Ginge fit in perfectly with my partner’s cat after we moved in together. He loves his new playmate and we love our new happy family! Rob Chapman

+ Whenever I see my roommate...

Our newly adopted cat Magic quickly got used to his home as soon as we plugged in our Feliway diffuser. We couldn’t believe how fast it worked! Feliway has really made a difference to our home - and most importantly Magic's health and well-being - and I would happily recommend it to any cat owner! Emma Theron

Why use Feliway?

Feliway is the easy to use and effective solution to help your cat feel its absolute best in the face of stressful situations. These situations, which are numerous in variety and often take place without the cat owner being aware that they are occurring, can bring anxieties that cause your cat to misbehave or become withdrawn. By using Feliway you will help to reduce your cat’s stress and make for a more interactive and loving relationship.

How does Feliway work?

The Feliway Diffuser helps relieve this anxiety by emitting a synthetic pheromone around your household that keeps your cat feeling relaxed. Simply plug in the diffuser and Feliway starts to work right away and with full effect for 30 days. Or you can use the Feliway Spray in common areas or within your cat’s kennel before traveling to keep your cat feeling at ease.

Pheromonology and Happy Cats

Ceva laboratories have engineered the Feliway Diffuser to help your cat feel more relaxed and happy. The diffuser releases a scentless synthetic version of the pheromone that cats leave within their territory when they are feeling secure. On the contrary, during times of stress or discomfort cats will stop releasing this pheromone, which can lead to problem behaviour. By plugging in the Feliway Diffuser or using Feliway Spray, your cat will always have a sense of security, leading to a happy home for cat and owner alike.

No more hiding away From those who love having me around

Before using Feliway our cat Marley would stay up all night scratching the doors, making noise all over the house, and waking us up as he walked onto our bed. Now that we’ve plugged in our Feliway Diffuser, he’s calmed down tremendously, allowing us to sleep in peace and giving Marley more energy to play with our family during the day. Donna Skingsley

Feliway products For happy cats and happy homes

After taking in an adorable, but misbehaved feral kitten named Stig, we had some issues in training him to be a loving housecat. After plugging in a Feliway diffuser he transformed almost instantly! He now jumps in our lap and loves interacting with everyone in our home. We have Feliway to thank for transforming Stig into the loveable and friendly cat that he is today. Ben Donalson