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Why do cats scratch?

Cats can scratch to sharpen and maintain their claws.

Scratching is anxiety related if:

  • Scratching sites are widespread.
  • Your cats live in a multi-pet household.
  • Your home is in an area with a dense cat population.
  • There have been changes in your home.
  • Scratching is occurring near windows and doors.

Feliway is ideal for anxiety-related scratching.

How to stop cats scratching?

  • Spray 6 doses of Feliway Spray to the scratched area daily.
  • Apply for at least a month.
  • Stop when the cat is seen to rub the site with his or her head.
  • For further support plug in a Feliway Diffuser.


Where can I purchase Feliway?

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*Additional Advice

Cats scratch to maintain their claws. Scratching sheds the outer husk, revealing a new, sharper claw underneath. Scratching posts help cats with this.
Provide an alternative scratching post near area of unwanted scratch marks.
Other environmental modifications can decrease your cat's stress and make your home cat-friendly, including high resting places in different rooms, sufficient and daily-cleaned litter boxes, providing additional feeding places and water bowls, and using a microchip cat flap so your cat has complete access to the outdoors.