Cats and Kittens love Feliway Diffuser's

feliway® diffuser

The Feliway diffuser offers constant comfort and calming at home.  

Studies have shown that the use of Feliway is 90% effective* in helping reduce or eliminate scratching and urine spraying.  A significant reduction in these behaviors is usually seen within 7 days.

For inter-cat tension and conflict, try our Feliway MultiCat diffuser.  Feliway MultiCat is clinically proven** to help reduce tension and conflict between household cats. 

How to use

Just screw the refill vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket.

The diffuser should be plugged in continuously for best results.

Refill vials last for 30 days and one diffuser covers an area up to 700 sq. feet.  If you have a multi-story home, you may need more than one diffuser.  

Do not plug in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, curtains, or furniture.  The diffuser should be totally unobstructed for proper diffusion.  For best results, replace the diffuser every 6 months.

To learn the best place to put the diffuser, try our interactive app; click here.

See video advice on how to use Feliway Diffuser:


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*Mills DS, Mills CB.  Evaluation of a novel method for delivering a synthetic analogue of feline facial pheromone to control urine spraying in cats.  Veterinary Record, 2001; 149, 197-199.

*Pageat P, Functions and uses of the facial pheromones in the treatement of urine marking in the cat.  Proc of the XXI Cong of the World Sm An Vet Assoc, Israel, 20-23; 101, 1996.

**DePorter TL, Lopez A, Ollivier E, Evaluation of the Efficacy of a New Pheromone Product Vs. Placebo in the Mgmt of Feline Aggression in Multi-Cat Households.  ACVB/AVSAB Veterinary Behavior Symposium, Denver, 2014.

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