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  1. » "Bird and Mille" from Jessica Bartlett / Chicago - Illinois - USA

    When I merged two cats into the same household, one of my cats, Bird, struggled with the change by blatantly avoiding his litter box. He'd go right outside the box, no matter if it was clean and tidy or not.

  2. » "Cassie" from Tiffany Chavez / Huachuca City - Arizona - USA

    Feliway is amazing! I do dog rescue and my cat is not a fan of it! I always spray Feliway before I bring in a new puppy. This helps Cassie to relax.

  3. » "Harley" from Patricia Mingle / Garland - Texas - USA

    In April 2009 I had noticed that Harley was licking himself so often he was losing his hair. I took him to the vetennarian’s on May 1 to get a bath, update his shots, and see the doctor. At that time I hoped that the bath might help.

  4. » "Kitty" from Brian Yackey / Akron - Ohio - USA

    This Product is working great! Our cat is so much more relaxed and adjusting to our new puppy now that we started using Feliway.Thanks for a great product!

  5. » "Tini" from Christine Pritchett - USA

    I cannot begin to tell you what a difference your Feliway diffuser has made in my home. I was having a problem with one of my cats ( inappropriate wetting) and, when it was determined that her problem was behavioral, my vet recommended your product.

  6. » "Sherlock & Franny" from Janelle Gregory, Olathe, KS

    When we brought Sherlock home to live with us and our two other cats, we took our time introducing them. But even with the patient process, it was clear that Sherlock and Franny were going to have trouble living under the same roof. He began stalking her and chasing her all around the house. The shrieks and hissing became regular background noise, and we were surprised that our vacuum didn’t die trying to keep up with the clumps of fur left in their trails.

  7. » "Murphy" from Michelle A. Koller / West Haven - Connecticut - USA

    My "problem child" Murphy began urinating on my new sofa shortly after we moved into our new home. I was concerned if this was a behavioral problem, or if this was a medical problem.

  8. » "Morris, Bentley and Co." from Katie Costello / Hubbard - Ohio - USA

    I was the owner of 3 adult felines when my husband and I met, fell in love, and married. He was also the owner of 3 adult felines. Most of these cats were males. When it came time for us to move in together, we moved forward with trepidation, consolidating 6 cats into one household.

  9. » "Galipette" from Catherine Jacquet / Paris - France

    Our 3 daughters of 11, 9 and 6 really wanted to have a cat. So, we adopted a female kitten. She's now 4 months old.

  10. » "Yoda" from Sherilyn S. / La Cresents, CA - USA

    I have 3 cats,and had never had a problem of any not using their box. They are all neutered and are 3 years old.One of them started peeing on the curtains in 2 rooms.

  11. » "Mickey" from Katy Kepner - USA

    We recently moved from an old, smelly apartment to a new home. I was afraid our cat Mickey would continue to spray in our new home and did not want to deal with those horrible odors anymore.

  12. » Alexandra B. / Bordeaux - France

    I have a 6 year old castrated male Burmese. He is a lovely cat but has always hated travelling by car, even for short distances. After only a few minutes after leaving, he would salivate, vomit, urinate, and often had diarrhea.

  13. » "Murphy Brown" from Patti Mantey / Newport News - Virginia - USA

    After the double-whammy of a new cat sitter and the recent loss of her mate, our 14-year-old cat, Murphy Brown, began urinating right in the middle of our guestroom bed. We knew it was a result of her stress and anxiety, but were at a complete loss as to what to do. Through online research we learned about the Feliway diffuser and spray.