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    Sammi, 8 yrs old

    I had a situation this year and had to make 3 moves due to waiting for availability between apartment moves. My 8-year-old Calico, Sammi has always...


    Hendrix, 6 yrs old

    Just moved to new house. One cat fine, the other hid under bedspread all day and prowling and yowling all night. Plugged in the diffuser and first...


    Paco, 9 yrs old

    I was introduced to Feliway by my vet. Upon taking my 9 year old cat to the vet he was very anxious in the waiting room. I had his carrier covered...


    marty....yuca..ellie may..munster and schatzi, 7 yrs old

    I have 2 cats and my daughter moved back home with her 3 cats. We had some problems with peeing and arguing but the Feliway Multicat is great. There...


    Marley, 4 yrs old

    Our cat is about 4 years old. We've had him for 3 years. I was sure we'd eventually have to get rid of him because he's a biter. I often wonder if...

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