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    Phoebe, 11 yrs old

    My cat has anxiety problems and unless I keep the Feliway plugged in in several rooms, she defecates on the carpet. The only problems I have had is...

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    Sasha, 9 yrs old

    We have 3 cats. The oldest was 3 when my husband brought the other 2 home. The original one started peeing where he wasn't supposed to and spraying....


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    Casper, 11 yrs old

    I feed 38 community cats in my town. several months ago we rescued a beautiful cat from one of our colonies who did not belong there. After attempting...


    Nell, 12 yrs old

    Our vet recommended using the Feliway wipes for our 5 hour car ride to move to Atlanta. Between traffic, weather, and a whole slew of unfortunate...


    Mystique, 12 yrs old

    When I brought Rogue home (2 mths old), Mystique was not happy. Constant fighting, and Mystique migrated to the kitchen. And Rogue was constantly tearing...

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