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    Nell, 12 yrs old

    Our vet recommended using the Feliway wipes for our 5 hour car ride to move to Atlanta. Between traffic, weather, and a whole slew of unfortunate...


    Mystique, 12 yrs old

    When I brought Rogue home (2 mths old), Mystique was not happy. Constant fighting, and Mystique migrated to the kitchen. And Rogue was constantly tearing...


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    Bombay, 12 yrs old

    Bombay the cat started to attack, hissing and being aggressive to the other cats. Feliway Multicat stopped it and helped them get along.


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    Simon, 12 yrs old

    Simon behaviour changed at 2 and he started spraying urine on my bed. I started using Feliway and it all stopped. Simon is back to his cuddly self...


    Boston, 12 yrs old

    I wanted to say thank you to the folks at Feliway. I truly believe that your product Feliway Multicat has saved my cat's life. We recently rescued...

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