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    Lucie, 6 yrs old

    Pulling out hair...at wits end!


    Snowball, 12 yrs old

    The bad-tempered cat I've been used to has gone and she is now the family pet I wanted her to be. I can't thank you enough for producing Feliway...it...


    Marley, 5 yrs old

    I am extremely impressed with Feliway! I went out the day after receiving your email to purchase a Feliway diffuser and plugged it in as soon as I...


    Unknown, 10 yrs old

    He is a lovely cat but has always hated travelling by car, even for short distances.


    Mickey, 5 yrs old

    We recently moved from an old, smelly apartment to a new home. I was afraid our cat Mickey would continue to spray in our new home and did not want...

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