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    Garfield, 10 yrs old

    after just a few days of using Felaway, he was like a compleatly new cat, his coat was silkier, he was a lot calmer, he ate better, and he was all...


    Domino, 7 yrs old

    I'm grateful I found out about it before my husband made good on his threat of getting rid of her!


    Tisha, 8 yrs old

    When the diffuser ran out Tisha got more stressed and started marking again. I went to the vet concerned that the cystitis had returned but he told...


    Stig, 6 yrs old

    We have Feliway® to thank for transforming Stig into the loveable and friendly cat that he is today.


    Lucie, 6 yrs old

    Pulling out hair...at wits end!

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