Cat Stress

What Causes Cat Stress or Anxiety?

Can cats get stressed out? What do they do when they get stressed out?


Anything that interrupts their feeling of control can raise their stress level and lead to unwanted behaviors. To feel in control, cats will mark their home. This marking happens when a cat rubs its face against furniture or nuzzles up against your legs. Cats leave behind an invisible, harmless, and natural signal when they rub called a pheromone. People can disrupt a cat's security markers several ways including: moving to a new home, rearranging or bringing in new furniture, new members of the household, or remodeling. These changes can cause your cat stress. When a cat is stressed, he feels the need to re-mark territory through facial marking, urine spraying or scratch marking.

FELIWAY® mimics the natural feline facial pheromone giving your cat a sense of safety and security. By providing the pheromone signal FELIWAY® reduces the need for your cat to re-mark territory.

Cat Stress



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