It’s important to consider the effect that moving can have on cats. Moving changes their territory and completely removes their familiar marks, which can leave them disoriented.

Make moving less stressful for your cat

Moving changes their territory and completely removes their familiar marks, which can be very stressful.

To help your cat feel at home in his new environment use Feliway to help reduce or prevent unwanted marking behaviors such as scratching and urine spraying:

Start using a Feliway diffuser in your current home as you are packing for the move.  When you start bringing in boxes and the activity increases, he knows something is changing. Using Feliway can help him feel more calm during the process.  

In your new house, plug the Feliway diffuser in 24 hours, if possible, before moving your cat into the house. The diffuser will help him adjust to his new surroundings more quickly.  For best results, keep it plugged in for at least 30 days.  

Using Feliway helps maintain the sense of security that cats need to feel calm and happy. The following video explains further:




On the day of the move, shut your cat or cats into a room that has been cleared and plug in a Feliway® diffuser. Leave food, water, bedding, a litter tray, and the cat carrier (open) in the room. Tape a sign to the door to let your movers know the door must remain closed to keep your cat(s) safe.


At your new property, pick a "dedicated cat room" you'll put your cat(s) in for the duration of the move and plug in a Feliway® Diffuser to make your cat(s) feel more comfortable in the new place.


Move your cat to the "dedicated cat room" along with food, water, litter box tray and the cat carrier (open). Your cat will need time to rest and recover from the car journey while you sort out the rest of the house.


When you are ready to let your cat out to explore the new home, choose a time when you are at home and let him/her out just before meal time with additional food and water bowls in their new location.


Spray doorways, new furniture, curtains, etc. with Feliway® spray to let your cat know that these are familiar, safe objects. This will help reduce or prevent your cat's need to mark the new territory through scratching or urine spraying. The spray is alcohol based and won't stain materials (however as a precaution, always test a small, inconspicuous area before applying more broadly).


For even more information on moving please go to ICC (International Cat Care) Moving with your cat.



Plug a Feliway® diffuser in your current home before you start packing


If possible, plug in a Feliway® diffuser in the new home 24 hours before bringing in your cat.


The Feliway® diffuser lasts four weeks and will help your cat adjust to its new home.


You can also spray Feliway on their bedding for additional support.


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