cat travel

In general, cats are not good travelers.  But you can help make the occasional visit out of the house easier with Feliway® pheromones.  Feliway is clinically proven* to help reduce the stress of travel.  

Veterinarians use Feliway in their practices and recommend Feliway for travel.

Spray Feliway inside the cat carrier to help your cat feel more relaxed and help make your travels together a more pleasant experience.

Watch this video from our veterinary advisor on traveling with your cat.



Help make the carrier a more positive experience by leaving the carrier open and accessible before traveling. Spray the carrier with Feliway daily.


Put soft bedding in the carrier and give your cat treats in the carrier as well. You can also feed your cat in the carrier.


Spray the carrier with 8-10 pumps of Feliway at least 15 minutes before putting the cat inside the cat carrier.

At home, using a Feliway Diffuser will also help the other cats in your household to adjust to the missing family member and welcome him home.

Feliway is clinically proven* to help reduce travel-related stress behaviors such as vomiting, urination, defecation, meowing, agitation and salivation.

For more information on traveling go to AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) statement on transporting a cat.  They also offer advice on getting your cat to the veterinarian

*Gaultier P, Pageat P, Tessier Y.  Effect of a feline pheromone analogue on manifestations of stress in cats during transport.  Proc of the 32nd Cong of the Int'l Soc for Appl Ethology.  France, 1998.



He is a lovely cat but has always hated travelling by car, even for short distances.

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