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My owner
calls me
"Pee Diddy"

But I only spray 
because other cats 
freak me out

Why Do Cats Suffer From Stress and Anxiety


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Cats are at their most loving and well behaved when they feel in control of their environment.

Anything that interrupts their feeling of control and normality can make them feel stressed and anxious, which can be exhibited through particular behaviour traits. 

What Are They Really Trying To Say?

Cats show stress and anxiety in very different ways, so it's important not to misunderstand these signs as bad behaviour.

Being able to pick up on the signals of stress and anxiety – and providing the right support and care – can help your cat feel safe and secure, so they can become part of the family again. 

The Top 6 Signs of Stressed and Anxious Cat


Urine Marking and Spraying

There's nothing worse than the smell of cat pee. And while it's normal for all cats – male or female, neutered or not – to mark their territory outside, when your cat sprays indoors it's usually a sign they're distressed.



It's particularly annoying when your cat scratches the furniture, especially a brand new leather couch or plush curtains – but scratch marks around the house could be another sign that your cat is anxious or stressed.



Some cats are shy while others are more outgoing by nature. While hiding is part of their innate behaviour, cats often retreat to their safe space when feeling stressed and will only emerge when they feel comfortable.



Growling, biting and swatting are some of the warning signs that indicate severe feline stress. There's always a reason – and a resolution – for such aggressive behaviour, which can be corrected once the triggers are understood.


Travel Anxiety

In general, cats are not good travellers – sometimes it's hard enough just getting them into the carrier. Symptoms like hissing, clawing and moaning – not to mention carsickness – are often signs of travel anxiety.


Stressful Events

Visitors, parties, fireworks, thunderstorms and even local neighbourhood pets can disturb your cat's otherwise quiet environment, spooking them into changing their routine and often leading to stressful behaviour.

Henry was a rescue cat. He was shy, stressed and scratched the sofa. Our vet recommended Feliway. We've noticed a remarkable difference. Now Henry's stopped scratching and has really become part of the family. 

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