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Luke, 7 years old


Luke is a very independent cat and he loves to eat! Luke is an outdoorsy cat and I work a lot, I am often out of the house. When I come back home, Luke is always there and picks me up at the car and then we sit together on the couch, and we cuddle.

Then it started, when I was away for work for longer times, Luke started to spray. Once he peed on me as well. I didn't find it funny! And one time he peed in the power socket and the fuse blew. There I thought: “stop, something has to be done, something is wrong.’ Then I read about FELIWAY on the internet and I tried it. FELIWAY is very easy to use, just screw the top on the diffuser and plug it in. After starting to use Feliway, Luke didn't spray so often anymore and after some time he didn't spray at all anymore. With FELIWAY now I can go on holiday without worries because I know that even if I'm not at home, Luke is happy and feels well in his environment. The cohabitation with Luke now is more harmonious.

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