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Rosie, 12 years old

We moved to this house 1yr ago after an overnight car journey with us she was ok, infact pretty chilled out, we had put a small spray of FELIWAY in her carry bed and she had our wee dogs with her which always calms her. When we got her in our new house she was terrified and after we got our gear in we checked on her and she was cowering in the laundry sink her eyes were full black she was cowering. Not even reassuring words or touch helped. We bought FELIWAY to help with the trip nut not expecting it to work and put her calm trip down to having her "boys" with her. With our girl so terrified we had to do something, we gave each room a squirt of FELIWAY and within about 2minutes she was walking through the house, tail up and proud, then rolling around like she had lived there for years. We use it now when we have visitors so that she will come out and be part of it all instead of hiding under the bed. On the whole we now see a kitty that is more inclined to be in a room with our regular visitors rather than hiding. FELIWAY is just the best product! I would recommend it to anyone who wants their cat to enjoy a fuller, less scared life. Our experience is that on the whole the effects of FELIWAY are accumulative each time our cat has been helped by FELIWAY she has kept that bit of boldness she gained and built on it! Tjhankyou Feliway!