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Introducing cats together for the first time

How to introduce cats to be friends introducing CATS

How to Introduce a New Cat or New Kitten to the Other Cat to Help Them Get Along. The First Meeting is Critical.

Introducing a New Cat or New Kitten to the Other Cat to Help Them Get Along

See video advice from our veterinary advisor on how to introduce cats:


You want your cats to get along and this should be done gradually. Whilst the new cat is restricted to one room in the home, you can swap scents between the cats so they get used to each other before meeting for the first time.

Scent swapping can be done either using the bedding or by you stroking one after the other or by rubbing material on their cheek and place with the other cat.

This will allow them time to get used to each others' scents before meeting for the first time.


First impressions matter

You need to supervise the cats' first meeting.

Each cat should be able to have an escape route.

Using Feliway during this first introduction is advised to help the cats feel safe and secure, this helps reduce the chance that they will view one or other as a potential threat.

Again using a Feliway Diffuser for at least one month will help both the new and resident cat(s) but sometimes resident cats may need longer to adjust, in which case you can use Feliway Refills as long as needed. 

Plug in a Feliway Diffuser in the room your cats spend most of their time. If cats are separated or do not share the same living areas, this may require you to have one Diffuser in each area. Additionally, each cat should have access to their own resources (food and water bowl, litter box, resting area). We recommend you see and use our advice on how to make your home cat friendly, to help stop potential conflict issues.

See also our advice on multi-cat households and cat conflict.

Hopefully you will get to see the cats face rubbing or sleeping close to each other.

For more advice see the International Cat Care information on How to introduce a new kitten or a new cat to your resident cats.



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