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How to travel with a cat in a cat carrier

traveling with your cat made easy cat TRAVEL

Taking your cat out of the house, whether on a fun vacation or perhaps for a visit to the vet can be made much easier with the use of Feliway (clinically proven).

Vets use Feliway in their practices and recommend Feliway for travel.

Just a few sprays of Feliway inside the cat carrier and your cat will feel more relaxed and make your travels together a more pleasant experience.

See video advice from our veterinary advisor on travelling with your cat:




Make your cat familiar with his/her carrier by leaving it open and accessible some time before traveling.


Ideally do not feed your cat for at least 6 hours before leaving, to avoid nausea that can cause vomiting.


Use Feliway at least 15 minutes before putting your cat inside the cat carrier.


Spray inside the cat carrier. One spray in each corner and two sprays on the floor and ceiling.


For extended trips remember to plug in a Feliway Diffuser in your destination or home to help your cat cope with the new home, and then again when back at home to ease your cat’s return.

Using a Feliway Diffuser will also help the other cats in your household to re-adjust to the change, as a trip outside the home will have reduced the competition for resources for other cats, but then increase it with the re-introduction of a cat.

Feliway keeps your household calm and happy. Where to buy Feliway?

For more information on traveling go to ICC (International Cat Care) travelling with a cat. See also ICC advice on how to choose and use a cat carrier.



He is a lovely cat but has always hated travelling by car, even for short distances.

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