How to help your cat being home alone?

4 Expert tips:


Help your stressed cat with FELIWAY

  • FELIWAY releases pheromones ‘happy messages’ that help comfort stressed cats
  • Vet recommended calming solution
  • Plug in a FELIWAY Diffuser in the room your cat spends majority of their time

Keep your cat occupied

  • Leave your kitty with toys to hold their attention e.g food puzzles

Keep arrivals and departures low key

  • When you return, only greet your cat once they stop seeking attention (for example when the vocalisation stops)
  • Only give them some attention when they are calm

Create a calm spot

  • Leave your cat in a safe, dry and comfortable environment
  • Ensure access to a safe hiding place where your cat can escape to if they get scared
  • Ensure your cat has water, a food bowl, litter box and scratching post

We recommend:

FELIWAY Diffuser

Plug the Diffuser in the room where your cat spends most of their time.


Spray the area where your cat spends most of their time, making them feel safe and secured.

Help your cat home alone:

If you think that your kitty is experiencing stress when you leave then don’t panic; you can help them by providing enough stimulation while you’re out, creating a stress-free space for them and ensuring they have everything they need.

You can also consider using a FELIWAY Diffuser to help reduce any stress or worry that your kitty might be experiencing. This provides a calming, happy environment which helps your kitty to cope with any changes or disruptions to their normal routine or environment, such as longer absences.

Use the FELIWAY diffuser in the room where your cat is most likely to spend their time. If you’re using this before a holiday, use it one week before your holiday to provide a calm environment for your departure and during your leave. Use continually if you’re out every day for work, and this will help your cat feel more secure and reassured.