How to help your timid and nervous cat?

4 Expert Tips


Help your nervous cat with FELIWAY

  • The FELIWAY Diffuser releases pheromones to create a safe and secure environment at home to reduce cat anxiety
  • FELIWAY is vet recommended to help calm and comfort your cat

Understand why your cat may be nervous

  • Recent changes at home can prompt cat anxiety (new furniture, redecorating, moving home, renovating)?
  • Visitors, new family member, new pet at home?
  • Competition or tension with another cat?

Check kitty resources

  • Does your cat have access to their own food, water, litter tray and scratching post?
  • Ensure your cat has access to space and hiding spots

Expose your cat to a variety of experiences from a young age

  • If your kitty isn’t used to lots of different situations, they can find new things much scarier
  • Cats who were exposed to a range of situations, noises, and people when they were kittens will find it much easier to adapt and stay calm when faced with stress

We recommend:

FELIWAY Diffuser

Plug in your cat’s favourite room for at least 30 days.


Spray on the hiding places to make them more safe and secure to your cat.

Tips to help calm your nervous cat

First identify the cause of stress:

Consider if anything has changed for your pet recently. Have you moved house, introduced other new pets, or are there new people in their environment?

Are there any loud noises nearby (such as roadworks, or a new appliance such as a washing machine) that could be scaring your kitty? Even new food or a change in your pet’s routine could be enough to concern them.

If you can, try to remove or amend any causes of stress that may be affecting your cat, and reassure them that there’s nothing to worry about.

Watch your cat’s body language:

How does your kitty hold themselves? Are their ears upright and interested, or back or flat to their head? You can learn a lot about how your cat is feeling from their body language, so watch their ears, tail, posture and the way they move around. You will quickly be able to see if they become anxious or afraid around a certain object or situation, and when they want to play or be left alone. Understanding your kitty is a great way to help them feel calm and happy.

Create a safe, reassuring home environment:

Creating a safe, reassuring and calm home environment for your cat will help them feel happy and limit their anxieties. There are lots of ways to encourage a happy kitty home; from providing the right resources and kitty toys, to having comfy cat friendly spaces like cat trees and beds and checking there are lots of escape routes through the house so your pet doesn’t feel trapped.

Using a FELIWAY Diffuser in your home will also support that calm, reassuring feeling to help your nervous and timid cat cope with the anxieties of everyday life and make them feel confident, happy and safe.