How to help your cat around new people and visitors?

4 expert tips to help your cat cope with visitors


Cats like routine

  • Parties, celebrations and visitors are great fun for us, but bring a lot of discomfort for your cat
  • Lots of noises, moving furniture, different people, new smells, altered routines can be stressful for our cats

Use a FELIWAY Diffuser

  • FELIWAY releases ‘happy messages’ to help calm and comfort your cat in stressful situations like visitors
  • Vet recommended calming solution
  • Plug the FELIWAY Diffuser in the room where your cat will spend most of their time

Peace and quiet

  • Make sure your cat has a room that is away from the noise, somewhere they can snuggle up and feel secure when visitors are over
  • Have elevated places and/or hiding places for your cat
  • Make sure your guests know to leave your cat undisturbed in this room
  • Ensure your cat can still access their resources (water, food, litter trays and scratching posts) easily without having to interact with your visitors

Visitor tips

  • Ask visitors to let your cat come to them, to not stare at your cat and stroke their head or neck
  • Have treats or toys on hand so that your guests can interact with your cat in a positive way

Other tips:

Any changes to a cat’s environment can be stressful for your cat, particularly new visitors or family and friends gathering for a party. When visitors arrive in your home, your cat’s normally quiet and peaceful home is crowded with lots of new visitors, different smells, noise and movement.

We recommend:

FELIWAY Diffuser

Plug in your cat’s favourite room for at least 30 days.


Spray on places where your cat is nervous to make them feel more safe and secure to your cat.

How can you help your cat cope ?

Provide your cat with a hiding place - cats like to be up high and out of the way, this is usually their best coping mechanism when they get stressed.

Give them privacy - if they decide to hide in the spare bedroom, leave them there and do not try and coax them out into an environment they are not comfortable in. While they have chosen their new safe spot make life easier for them by providing all their main resources to use in their safe room (litter, food and water).

Use a FELIWAY Diffuser which releases ‘happy messages’ to help provide a reassuring environment and calm your cat when they are in a stressful situation like having visitors over.