Cats love to lie on their owner

Why your cat loves to lay on you

Why your cat loves to lay on you

Cats have a habit of lying down in the most inconvenient places. Be it a laptop, your latest book, a drawer — and of course their favourite place to take a quick nap is on you! But they aren't doing it to be annoying...

Turns out, there are several reasons why your cat loves to sprawl out on top of you.

To mark their territory

Cat lying on a laptop

Firstly, don’t forget that cats are wild animals who are used to having to stake out their territory. Lying on your stuff is a way of claiming the spot. And the higher up it is, the better, as this is where they would hide in the wild — hence why your laptop or notepad is more appealing than the desk itself. You’ll notice your cat will mark your stuff by rubbing its face and paws on it to transfer their pheromones.

To be warm

Cat sleeping on owner

If there’s a spot of sun, a cat will find it. They love to be warm and will quite happily spend all day lounging outside soaking up the sun’s rays. Come night-time, they need a suitable replacement — this is where you come in. Lying on you is super comfy and helps to keep their body temperature raised — you’re basically their own personal radiator.

Your cat curling up on your lap also shows they feel safe around you and trust you enough to let their guard down.

To be comfy

Comfy cat

Cats sleep for around 15 hours a day or more, so naturally they’re looking for a comfortable spot to carry out their favourite activity. Whether it be on a sofa or stretched out in a laundry basket, cats require a soft and cozy place to snuggle up. Your lap is a great option — it’s the perfect size and very warm — add in a soft blanket and you immediately become the coziest place on earth.

Your cat adores you

Cat adores owner

Yes, your cat does love you (even if they’re not always so good at showing it) and cuddling up on your lap is proof of this. Other signs of kitty adoration include head butting your face, purrs and nose kisses. When your cat shows these signs of affection make sure you return the sentiment and stroke them gently until they fall asleep.

To feel safe and secure

Everyone and everything craves and needs security. Your cat is no exception. When your cat is in search of a place to sleep, they don’t just want comfort and warmth, they also want a place that is safe and secure — and that place is you! No dangerous predators can harm them when you’re there, so they can relax in peace.

Your soothing sounds and scents

Kitten feels safe in owner's arms

Your cat finds the natural sounds of your body incredibly soothing when they sleep on top of you. The steady rhythm of your heartbeat as well as the rise and fall of your inhaling and exhaling helps lull them to sleep. Your smell is also pleasant as your cat associates it with you and the care, companionship, and safety you provide them.

Happy Together

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