cat not eating what is causing it and what to do

loss of APPETITE

Your cat not eating its typical amount of food likely means that something is amiss.

What causes loss of appetite in cats?

A number of different medical conditions may be the cause of your cat’s loss of appetite. Always speak with your veterinarian if your cat has a decrease in appetite. Cats can become very sick, very quickly if they stop eating.

If your vet determines there are no medical issues contributing to the loss of appetite, stress may be the culprit. 

How does stress affect my cat's appetite?

There are a number of ways in which stress can affect your cat's appetite. 

  • Diet change – for some cats, a change in their regular food may be enough to cause them to stop eating.
  • Changes in the environment can make your cat feel insecure and not want to come out to eat.
  • Visitors in the home can contribute to some cats' hiding behaviour, decreasing their opportunity to eat if they do not have access to food and water in their favourite hiding spot.
  • Competition with other cats for resources such as food and water or the presence of another animal they perceive as a threat can make your cat's access to its food bowl difficult.

Tips to encourage healthy eating habits in your cat


Visit your vet immediately any time your cat has a significant decrease in appetite. Cats can become very ill, very quickly if they stop eating.


Give each cat in your household its own separate eating and drinking area to help avoid stress caused by having to share its food or water with other cats.


See tips for promoting harmony in multi-cat households to help reduce potential conflict and competition for resources (food, water, etc) between cats.


Be aware of situations that could lead to stress such as travelling in a carrier, changes in your cat’s environment, or new kinds of food.


Plug in a Feliway Diffuser in the room where your cat spends most of their time to help comfort and reassure them.


Apply Feliway Spray to your cat’s resting and hiding areas daily for additional, targeted support.