new furniture like sofas can make cats stressed and cause scratching

environmental CHANGES

Cats are very in tune with their environment. When part of their world changes, such as during redecorating or renovating, it can be challenging for the cat as their environment no longer seems familiar and safe.

Change can be unsettling for cats

Cats are very in tune with their surroundings and changes in their environment can be confusing and unsettling.

Renovating, redecorating and changing furniture can all contribute to higher stress levels in cats. Even a minor change such as painting a room or rearranging existing furniture can trigger an unwanted stress related behaviour.

When we make a change in our cat's environment we often disrupt or erase the marks—scent, pheromone and visual—that cats leave behind to identify key items and pathways. This can make your cat's environment feel strange, unfamiliar and unsafe.

Using Feliway can help your cat adjust to changes in their environment because Feliway is an exact copy of the natural feline facial pheromone that happy cats use to mark their territory as safe and familiar.

Help your cat adjust to changes in its environment


Plug in a Feliway Diffuser at least 24 hours before making changes in the home.


Leave the Diffuser plugged in continuously for a minimum of 30 days to give your cat time to adjust to the changes in their environment.


Apply Feliway Spray to new furniture or key surfaces in the renovated or redecorated areas such as doorways and door frames, corners of walls and new cabinetry.


Check the location of your cat’s resources (food, water, litter, rest and activity areas) to ensure they haven’t been disrupted by the change.


See tips for planning a cat friendly home to help your cat feel more at ease in their environment.

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