How to make taking your cat to the vet easy

visiting THE VET

Help make your cat’s next visit to the vet a smoother and more relaxing experience.

Making vet visits easier for you and your cat

Changes in routine or environment can cause cats to feel unsettled. Visiting the vet is no different.

Following a few simple steps can help your cat feel safer and more comfortable when visiting the vet, leaving a lasting impression and helping to make future vet visits positive as well.

Your cat will thank you with its love and affection!  

Helpful hints for making vet visits a positive experience


Apply Feliway Spray to the inside of the cat carrier at least 15 minutes before putting your cat inside.


For extended vet stays or hospitalizations, plug in a Feliway Diffuser at home for the cats return to ease the transition back into the home environment.


Using a Feliway Diffuser in a multi-cat household can also help other cats that may perceive the hospitalized cat as unfamiliar due to a change in smell or appearance (bandages, plastic recovery collars, etc).


Refer to the Travel section of this website for additional tips for the car ride to and from the veterinary clinic.

Ask your vet if they're using Feliway

Many veterinarians use Feliway regularly in their hospital to help comfort and reassure their feline patients, making the entire experience more enjoyable for everyone. 

Visit the International Cat Care website for even more information and advice on making vet visits easier for you and your cat.