Signs of a happy cat

Signs of a Happy Cat

Signs of a Happy Cat

Happy cat relaxing

Cats literally "say" they're happy. 

Your cat has his/her own way of telling you.

These are some of the cat signs you will recognise:


Happy welcome

Cat welcome tail upright

When a cat is pleased to see you she will put her tail straight up.

The ultimate in happiness is a tail bolt upright and with a little hook at the end or quivering. 

Her ears are erect and her eyelids might be slightly lowered.

She’ll rub her face and body against you.


Happy and chatty

happy cat talking

 kitties tell you all about it, and engage in long drawn out conversations.

Generally the higher-pitched sounds are "happy" while lower pitched can have a bit of frustration and be more demanding.

Quiet cats may express happiness with silence, and vocalizes more to express unhappiness.

Confusing, yes!  But that's why we love our enigmatic felines!

While purrs aren't always happy, for the most part they can be an indication of feline contentment or even bliss. 

Kitty chortles and trills-that "prrrrupttt!" sound many cats make, is a very good indication of cat happiness.

Happy and relaxed

Cat happy and relaxed signs

The relaxed contented cat rests with front paws tucked under, ears forward, eyelids "sleepy" perhaps at half-mast.

Half-closed eyes means ‘I am sleepy and content'. The eye-blink in return of your stare from across the room is a happy cat gesture.

She lies on her back (usually in the sun) with all fours in the air (those legs mean she’s VERY relaxed and does not feel threatened in any way).

This is also an indication that the cat may allow you to stroke her tummy. It is a sign of trust.

Happy cuddle

relaxed cat being hugged by owner

If your cat is curled up in your lap and you’re stroking him as he purrs, there’s an excellent chance he’s content and is letting you know by the sound of that beautiful, velvety motor.

When a cat feels happy she will often start treadling with her paws as if kneading dough.

This is a very kitten-like behavior. When the kitten feeds on her mother's breast she will knead to stimulate the milk flow.

So kneading is always associated with pleasure. Happy cats may start kneading your tummy (sometimes forgetting that, unlike infant kittens, mature cats have well-developed claws!) or go off to their favourite blanket and knead.

Some very affectionate cats will put their paws around you and literally hang from your neck - as with humans this is just 'a big hug'.

Happy and confident

Cat being curious

A cat holding her head up is a content and confident cat. 

A happy cat shows interest in his environment.

He may be the "supervisor cat" with a paw into everything new around the house. Or he may simply watch calmly from a distance.

Happy and curious

confident cat nuzzle

Curiosity and enthusiasm are signs of happiness. A curious cat’s tail will be held up, but might also move a little from side to side, while her ears will be erect. Her eyes will be wide open.

The ears straight up slightly facing forward and the whiskers relaxed are the signs of a happy and alert cat.

If you now start stroking her the whiskers may move slightly forward, and the eyes will half close - this with a soft purr will tell you that she is a very content cat.

Happy and playful

Cat playing with toy mouse

Kittens play nonstop and simply don't know any better than to be happy.

Play is a terrific indication of happiness. As cats mature and progress into middle and old age, play activity diminishes.

But any amount of play-from rollicking races and kitty wrestling matches, to sedate paw-patting of features (or your leg or face for attention) indicates feline happiness.

Cats play with other critters (and humans) that they like and trust.

When the cat lies on her side or is sitting down and the tail twitches slightly it often means 'I am interested, ready to play'.

Happy and looking good

Cat grooming

Cats who feel good keep themselves well groomed.

Grooming other cats or licking the owner (as with mutual sleeping) also shows trust and a positive relationship.

Cats happy with each other groom one another.


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