Lazy cat lying around all the time

lazy cat it maybe stressed low ACTIVITY

Cats may be more or less active (often described as being a lazy cat or sleepy cat), dependent on their temperament.

They can also slow their activity level while getting older.
Your cat may suffer from boredom or frustration if insufficiently stimulated in their daily life and environment.

However, some medical conditions may be the cause for your cat’s decreased activity. Rule out any medical issues with a visit to the vet, especially for older cats need a regular vet check up’s to remove the possibility of chronic kidney disease or hypertension.

Your cat may suffer from boredom or frustration if insufficiently stimulated in their daily life and environment. For example lack of play sessions with the owner, lack of toys to prey on while being home alone, lack of climbing areas within the home for indoor only cats, etc. can be the causes for insufficient physical and mental activity.

Such a form of chronic stress is often difficult to recognise as it can develop over a long period of time and present as relatively subtle signs, such as increased resting or feigned sleep, hiding. Using a FELIWAY Diffuser will help with keeping your cat feeling safe and confident, and encourage being more playful and overall active. The reason for this stress needs however to be identified, although not necessarily obvious nor easy to detect. This will allow you to understand what seems to upset your cat and take this into account in the modifications you will implement to help your cat.



Plug-in FELIWAY Diffuser to your cat’s favourite room for at least 30 days. Some cats may benefit from the permanent use of FELIWAY. Replace with FELIWAY Refills as required.


Cats feel less stress when they are able to climb or play. Provide shelves, cat trees, scratching posts, perches in high places.


Provide toys, regularly rotated to create novelty. Try to play every day with your cat, even for very short periods of time.


Use puzzle feeders to stimulate your cat and keep them active. This will also ultimately prevent over-eating from boredom.

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