There is a FELIWAY for dogs called ADAPTIL

Pheromones are species specific. This means that FELIWAY does not effect dogs. 

ADAPTIL contains the pheromone that bitches produce whilst lactating to help bond with their puppies and help their learning of new experiences. This pheromone works throughout the dogs life and helps dogs to learn to cope with new situations and previously fearful events (like fireworks, going to kennels, and travel).

More importantly, ADAPTIL helps puppies to settle into their new home and aids their training to become well-behaved dogs. 

Charities use ADAPTIL in many capacities. Here are a couple of examples:

The Dogs Trust use an ADAPTIL Collar on every dog that enters their shelters.

Dogs for the Hearing use ADAPTIL on all dogs being trained and has found that more pass the training with ADAPTIL than without.

Ceva support these and other animal charities to be able to use ADAPTIL in their daily activity to improve animal welfare and the human-animal bond.

To find out more on ADAPTIL go to the ADAPTIL Website.

Adaptil Spray 60ml

Adaptil Spray 60ml

Adaptil Collar New Packaging
Adaptil Collar Medium/ Large New Packaging