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Reduces tension and conflict between cats

Cats have evolved as solitary hunters meaning they may perceive the presence of other cats as a potential threat to their resources. Aggression between cats at home is a common problem for cat owners and the signs can be obvious (fighting, hissing, growling and more).

FELIWAY® FRIENDS is a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) naturally produced by a nursing mother to her kittens after birth. This pheromone helps the kittens feel safe and secure and promotes a bond between them and their mother. FELIWAY® FRIENDS is clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflicts between cats in multi-cat households.

Simply plug the 30-day diffuser where your cat spends most of its' time and see the difference for yourself!

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The PROBLEM was Jip kept attacking Lizzy so we decided to try new FELIWAY FRIENDS. Now the cats get along.

  • 84% of cat owners saw their cats were significantly getting along better after using FELIWAY FRIENDS*
  • Only product clinically proven to help with conflicts between household cats*
  • 3 recent publications support the efficacy of FELIWAY FRIENDS and 2 recent publications on the efficacy of CAP (cat appeasing pheromone)
  • FELIWAY FRIENDS is supported worldwide by leading certified veterinary behaviourists

* Source: De Porter et al (2014) Evaluation of the efficacy of a new pheromone product versus placebo in the management of feline aggression in multi-cat households.

Feliway Friends Diffuser


FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffuser is easy to use plug-in containing the cat appeasing pheromone which is proven to help restore...

Feliway Friends Refill


Replenishing your diffuser with a FELIWAY FRIENDS Refill will ensure constant harmony between your household cats… and...

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