FELIWAY Help! 3x Cartridges

FELIWAY Help! Pack of Cartridges

  • 3 cartridges of FELIWAY Help! lasting 1 week each.
  • be ready for your next adventure, so that your cat is always happy.
  • ideal for temporary stressful situations.

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Easy to use

  • Cartridges to be used only in FELIWAY Help! diffuser
  • One cartridge lasts 7 days
  • After 7 days remove old cartridge, and to continue use, just add a new one

Good to know

  • Each diffuser cartridge covers an area up to 50m2​.
  • Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, behind curtains, behind furniture, as this prevents the diffuser working properly.


FELIWAY Help! is best used in temporary stressful situations like:

To provide a further 7 a days support from FELIWAY Help!, sign up for a free cartridge with your first purchase.

FELIWAY Help! 3 x cartridge pack can help provide longer term support but we recommend upgrading to FELIWAY Optimum for enhanced serenity and 30 days constant calming.

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