how long can cats be left alone

How long can cats be left alone and happy

How long can cats be left alone for Weekends Away and be happy

Essentials for leaving cat at home alone for 2 or 3 days


Cats hate change 

  • Leaving your cat for the weekend means different mealtimes, less attention and maybe different people visiting them 


  • Releases happy messages (calming feline pheromones) into your home for 7 days
  • Simply plug in the room where your cat will spend most of their time 2 days before you leave 
  • FELIWAY Help! covers 50m

Provide access to all they will need 

  • Provide enough food and water for up to 48 hours 
  • Ensure your cat will have access to litter trays (and there is enough space for clean areas to be accessible) 
  • Your cat will appreciate being able to access their favourite elevated spots 
  • Consider activities your cat may enjoy, such as an activity feeder 


When you leave make sure your cat hasn’t been accidentally shut in somewhere and that they have access to their favourite room, where FELIWAY Help! is  plugged in. 

We recommend:


FELIWAY Help is ideal for temporary stressful situations like weekends away

Further advice

Many cats like to feel that they are in control of their environment and when change happens it can make them less happy. To help you understand your cat's mindset we have written a cat's point of view why cats do not like change. This will help you understand the impact of changes that can affect your cat’s happiness. 

You have choices when you are going away. You can get a cat sitter, put your cat in a cattery, take your cat along with you or if for a short time, leave your cat at home. But how to keep your cat happy whatever the situation?

Considering a cat sitter or a cattery? 
The choice should be made considering your cat’s personality and their preferences. There are pros and cons to having a cat sitter or boarding your cat/s. By doing this it will help maintain your cat's happiness. 

Travelling with your cat
The alternative is to take your cat traveling with you.  To help you understand the best way to handle and travel with your cat read our article. 

FELIWAY Help! is ideal for temporary stressful situations, one cartridge lasts for 7 days, so is ideal to help reduce signs of stress during a weekend away.