home changes and cats

How to help cats cope with homes changes such as new furniture and redecoration

How to help cats cope with homes changes such as new furniture and redecoration


5 Expert Tips for cats to cope with home changes


Cats hate change 

  • Your cat likes everything to be ‘just so’ 
  • Changing things in your home, even simply moving furniture or adding a new piece, can be upsetting for your cat 


  • Releases happy messages (calming feline pheromones) into your home for 7 days 
  • Simply plug in the room where your cat will spend most of their time during the home changes 
  • FELIWAY Help! covers 50m2 

Keep your cat’s space the same 

  • Make sure your cat has a room that is away from the changes happening 
  • Have elevated places and/or hiding places in this room for your cat 
  • Ensure your cat’s resources are all still accessible 

Consider potential hazards 

  • As objects are moved, they may become unstable 
  • Make sure your cat cannot accidentally come into contact with substances (e.g. paint) that could be dangerous for them to ingest or walk around the house 

Redecoration can create different loud noises 

  • Make sure your cat has somewhere quiet that they can retreat to 
  • If you are playing music as you work, consider playing music your cat appreciates too! 

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FELIWAY Help is ideal for temporary stressful situations like home changes

Further advice

Many cats like to control their environment and when change happens it can make them less happy. To help you understand your cat’s mindset see a cat’s point of view of change. This will help you understand the impact of changes that can change you cats happiness. 

Decorating rooms or new furniture can upset your cats feng shui through new smells, change in layout etc. This can affect your cat's happiness and make them upset. Discover why moving furniture could stress your cat in this article. And what you can do to help maintain their zen like happiness, whilst moving or redecorating your home. 

As home changes can be upsetting for cats, some demonstrate their less than happy state by scratching furniture or increasing the amount of scratching they do. If this is your case, then we recommend reading How to stop your cat scratching. Here we provide expert tips including the Scratching post golden rules. Following this advice will help your cat relieve their stress and live happy together with you.

FELIWAY Help! is ideal for temporary stressful situations, one cartridge lasts for 7 days, so is ideal to help reduce signs of cat stress during home decorating.