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Flapjack, 12 years old


My cat was losing fur on the rear, CONSTANTLY biting and scratching, he was placed on a treatment of antibiotics and tablets by the vet along with different flea treatments, nothing.  it was terrible to see him itching constantly, with 70% of the fur from his rear 1/4 almost gone. I then remembered that we used FELIWAY two years previously when moving, I still had two plugins and a small spray left, WITHIN A WEEK HE HAS STOPPED BITING AND SCRATCHING, AND HIS FUR STARTED TO GROW BACK. I wish I had taken "before" images. I sprayed where he slept every two nights, and three weeks late he has fur. I wondered if it was nerves or stress.
I have just bought two new plug-in ones, bedroom and hall and he no longer bites himself. Best money I have ever spent for HIS welfare.