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Henry , Tinkerbell


I have two cats. They disliked each other from the start of Henry being in the house as a kitten as he was much younger and wanted to play with Tinkerbell, but she is much older and tired. After she reacted badly to this play, Henry's playfulness turned quite nasty. This became even worse as Henry's jealousy towards Tinkerbell having my attention started to present itself, and when Henry matured into full adult-hood a few months back I have recorded cat fights *every single day*. A month ago, the fights started to bring blood shed. I have spent several evenings in tears and have had to split them apart at night, with Tinkerbell sleeping in my locked bedroom. My vet had previously recommended FELIWAY Friends and I was at my wits end so plugged it in 5 days ago. I am now crying for a different reason; my cats have never sat on me together. Three days into the plug-in being on, they sat together on me, quietly and nicely. I have since found them sat nearer and nearer each other daily. I have chosen this particular photo as one of the chairs still has dried cat blood on it from a fight last week (don't worry, i am taking it to the dry cleaners). Every moment the cats are spending near each other is at their own choice. I would never rehome either of my cats but i was beginning to examine more ways of splitting them up and potentially working from home more and not going out in the evenings in order to stop the fights. I don't really know how to express my gratitude towards this product. Thank you xxxx