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    I used it during a recent house move and my cat Poosh, who is very prone to stress, coped really well.I used the Feliway plug in at the old and new...


    Boo, 2 yrs old

    My outdoor cat was hit by a car earlier this year and unfortunately this lead to her losing an eye.I have since kept her as an indoor cat which at...


    Dexter, 5 yrs old

    i just wanted to contact you to let you know that I really appreciate your spray/plug in. I've had a lot of difficulties with one of my cats. She has...

    dmi cats profile.png

    See picture for cat names

    Our cats are generally well-behaved and get along with the dog. However, a couple of them are very high-strung, and would frequently engage in long...


    Bill & Ted

    Having now used Feliscratch properly, I thought I’d let you know how I got on. My Cats, Bill & Ted were having an absolute field day tearing at the...

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