Is your cat stressed ?


Cats are at their most loving and well behaved when they feel in control of their environment.

Anything that interrupts their feeling of control is a nuisance to cats. Over time, this can raise your cat's stress level and lead to anxiety.

To see how stressed your cat is take the Cat Stress test.

To feel in control cats, will carefully mark their home using facial marking via the release of pheromones. This release happens each time a cat rubs its face against furniture or nuzzles up against your legs.

People can unwittingly disrupt these important marks of security by moving furniture or bring in new furniture, excessively cleaning, or doing building work and DIY work. Removal of the markings can make your cat anxious reducing your cats marking.


the 8 main events that make cats stress

If your cat has been taken out of its environment for a period (i.e. to the vets or cattery) then this will reduce the presence of facial marking in the home, which can make settling back in more difficult.

Perhaps the biggest nuisance for a cat can be in moving home where nearly all facial marking has been removed.

Note most calming aids do not address the underlying issue whereas Feliway provides calming support by mimicking your cat's natural way of communicating and managing it's environment.

If no reason from the above-mentioned has been identified but your cat is showing a new modified behaviour and looks stressed or anxious, there might be an medical cause. Check with your vet if there is no underlying health reason for this unusual behaviour. Older cats especially need regular vet check up’s to rule out the possibility of chronic kidney disease or hypertension.

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