new furniture like sofas can make cats stressed and cause scratching

How to make the cat like the new sofa and stop scratching it new FURNITURE

Cats become quite attached to their environment, with each room and each piece of furniture being marked with their scent as a way to establish their territory.
When part of their world changes during redecorating or renovation it can become a challenging time as their familiar comforting marks all have disappeared.

Being aware of these changes and how FELIWAY can help is important so that your cat can adjust to the new scenery and remain its usual loving self.

  • Moving old furniture changes their territory and their familiar marks
  • Redecorating changes their perception of their home.
  • Adding furniture or replacing old with new furniture creates change

See video advice on new furniture, redecorating and cats.

How to help cats cope with home improvements

Plug in a FELIWAY Diffuser 24 hours before making changes in the home.

It lasts four weeks and will help your cat adjust to the changes by releasing the synthetic pheromone that keeps your cat feeling relaxed and your household a welcoming and familiar place.

For added comfort, spray FELIWAY on new furniture and prominent parts of the renovated/redecorated area of your home (furniture's angles, door frame).

This should stop unwanted behaviours such as scratching and spraying, which is especially important when it comes to new furniture.

Click here to see our advice on how to make a Cat friendly home. This should also help protect furniture.

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