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Make cattery stay easy boarding CATTERY

Leaving the familiar confines of home isn’t something any cat enjoys.
How to help the transitions?

To help ease the transition for your loved feline be sure to incorporate FELIWAY into their cattery to keep them feeling at ease and secure so they can return happy and feeling great.

Check to see if the cattery already uses FELIWAY (spray or diffuser) as part of their normal stress management before bringing your cat. You may also bring your own spray or diffuser for the benefit of your cat.

How to use Feliway Spray in cattery?


Empty cabins should be sprayed first thing every morning (at least 15 minutes before introducing the cat).


Inside the cabin 1 spray at each corner and 2 sprays each to the floor and ceiling.


Outside 1 spray to the uprights sections at cat height.


Occupied cabins: spray new bedding and wait 15 minutes before putting your cat in the cabin and continue the same routine daily.

If cats are fearful and do not want to leave the cabin, new bedding may be sprayed (again, left for the necessary time) before being introduced into the cabin to replace old.

FELIWAY Diffuser can be used in indoor runs if sockets are available.

Plug in a FELIWAY Diffuser at home ideally 24 hours before bringing the cat back to quickly settle back in.

For even more information see advice from International Cat Care on How to choose a boarding cattery.



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