cats do not like loud noises in the home or outside

loud noises scare cats loud NOISES & CATS

Cats like routine and a quiet environment. Unexpected noise will upset a cat.
Loud noises such as music played loudly, domestic appliance (vacuum cleaner, mixer, clippers, etc.), parties at home, visitors or even fireworks can be frightening for cats.

When exposed to such noises, cats try to escape to the unpleasant sound source, mostly by running away or hiding. Other signs displayed by cats are shivering or vocalising.

How Can You Help Your Cat with Loud Noises?


See video advice from our veterinary advisor on how to help your cat cope with noise before the event.


When noises can be anticipated, you can prepare in advance


Provide lots of places for your cat to hide, such as cupboards or wardrobes. Make these spaces comfortable with their blankets or beds.


FELIWAY can be sprayed on these areas to make them more comforting for the cat.


Make sure resources such as food, water, and litter boxes are available for your cat at all times whilst hidden in some part of the home.


Plug in a FELIWAY Diffuser in the area your cat usually feels the most secure, at least 24 hours for noises that can be anticipated such as fireworks, and keep it plugged-in continuously until a week after the event.


During the event allow the cat to hide.


Do NOT try and coax your cat out as this may upset it more.

For Fireworks night, make sure you close all curtains, blocking out flashing lights and reducing the noise. 

Also, make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are closed and locked. This will prevent the risk of your cat escaping and running away out of fear.

For further advice see International Cat Care section on Anxious cats.



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