Is your cat over grooming


Is your cat overgrooming and how to help?

cat over grooming

How To Stop Your Cat From Overgrooming


Check cat’s health

  • Some medical conditions, in particular skin disease, can cause excessive grooming and hair loss, so check with your vet first.
  • Look for potential allergens recently introduced to your cat that may be causing the over-grooming (for example did you change the food).

Help your cat feel comfortable with FELIWAY OPTIMUM

  • Releases “happy messages”’ to create a loving environment at home
  • You should see an improvement within the first week
  • We recommend continuous use for at least one month

Follow our “Tips for happy indoor cats”

  • Play with your cat, even for a few minutes, every day
  • Provide multiple toys, your cat will pick his favourite
  • Provide climbing opportunities (cat tree, shelves), to keep your cat active


Playing with your cat will help reduce its anxiety and keep it feeling happy



Provide toys, climbing opportunities (cat trees or shelves) to keep your cat active and occupied and to prevent boredom

My cat is over grooming

We recommend:


Plug in the room where your cat spends most of their time for at least 30 days.

Why do cats over-groom?

Cats will naturally moult hair throughout the year and they will normally spend a significant portion of their time grooming. Up to 25% of their life to be precise!

Over-grooming is an issue though and will result in hair loss.  This can be in different areas and the hair will appear sparse, short and stubble like. Over-grooming is a sign that your cat is not happy and can lead to skin infections.  

Note that in some cases, you may not see your cat licking, chewing or pulling at their hair. Most cats over-groom at night or when you're away!

Over-grooming can have either a medical or an emotional cause.

If your cat has skin issues, or if you recently changed your cat’s food, this excessive grooming may be an allergic reaction. We recommend a vet check to rule out any medical conditions.

Over-grooming might also be due to the fact your cat is unhappy.

Many things lead to your cat feeling less secure in it’s environment, such as:

  • Recent changes at home: moving home, new furniture, building work, new baby or family member etc...
  • A new pet at home or nearby.  Cats do not like sharing resources like litter boxes and food bowls.  Competition for resources can lead to an unhappy cat that will over-groom.
  • Recent change to your routine.  Cats are creatures of habit and if your schedule changes a lot then this may cause them to be unhappy.

Using a FELIWAY Classic Diffuser will help make your cat feel safe, secure and happy and as a result help reduce the signs of over-grooming.