Pet Anxiety Awareness Month


FELIWAY has been around for over 20 years helping cats cope with the stress of our modern world. We wanted to raise awareness that there are solutions to help your beloved cat. That's why we created ‘’Pet Anxiety Month’’ - a chance to spread these messages far and wide.

FELIWAY is the ideal support tool for your cat.  Cat’s find living in our modern world very challenging and when they feel anxious their behaviours will change.  These behaviours include spraying, scratching, hiding, fighting, not eating and overgrooming.

Pet Anxiety Awareness Month - Help your cat


Professional help

If you feel like you need help with your cat’s behaviour there is no better place to source a professional than the ABTC . Their website contains a list of accredited professionals in your area from trainers to pet behaviourists.


Plug in FELIWAY Classic or FELIWAY Friends depending on what issues you are facing with your cat.

  • FELIWAY Classic  helps support cats during stressful situations and helps solve those unwanted behaviours like spraying or scratching.
  • FELIWAY Friends  helps reduce the signs of tension and conflict between cats in multi-cat households.  Signs of conflict include fighting, chasing, blocking and staring.

Provide hiding places

  • Cats like to hide when they are feeling anxious.  They like to be up high so providing both low and high hiding spots is ideal.

Resource management

You need to make sure you have enough resources (e.g. food, water and litter tray etc.) that are adequately placed. Click here to read our blog for more information


Help keep their core territory (home) stable and quiet.  Prepare avoid sudden changes, e.g. getting a new sofa, ensure FELIWAY Classic is plugged in before changes occur.

We recommend:

FELIWAY Classic Diffuser

Is an excellent solution to comfort cats at home and help prevent signs such as spraying, scratching or hiding.